Testimonial for Stapleton Guitars® Aged White Alnico2 humbucker pickup set.

After trying several brand name pick up humbuckers, I settled on Stapleton Guitars Alnico 2 humbucker. I'm using it in a Stratocaster Squire guitar. It's an early Taiwanese made guitar with a 45 millimetre body so it's fairly hefty.

Humbucker pickups review

This pickup is great it takes as much distortion as can throw it and still comes out with clear single note definition.

I have the bridge wired in parallel series configuration and can switch from either.

The neck is in a single coil and series configuration.

With a good middle single coil pickup in place this guitar really sings like a sweet Strat.

I would fully recommend these pickups as they sound good and are around half the price of other commercially available pickups.

Andrew, Christchurch

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